Strategic approach to Policies

Through a SMART Advocacy approach, HDT envisages to supporting Ministry of Health and PO-RALG in reviewing and/or developing and operationalizing RMNCAH policies at national, sub─national and facility/community levels. Decision makers at policy level will be targeted and influenced to ensure policies are people-centred and work for people in order to improve access to quality and affordable health care services in the country. Furthermore, policies will be popularized into simplified versions to make them more explicit to the right holders –(citizens) and duty bearers (policy implementers) at all levels. Among other efforts, HDT will also mobilize communities to engage meaningfully in policy dialogues at different levels as one of the prerequisites to realize an inclusive policy making process in the country. As a result, people-centred policies that are realistic and responsive to the health needs of the people across a diversity of socio-cultural, political, gender and economic demographic groups shall be developed and implemented in Tanzania.

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